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Our Investment Strategy

We are different than other financial services firms by being active portfolio managers.

What we Do

We are active portfolio managers. We manage client portfolios on a daily basis.

Dynamic Active Equity Model

This fund invests in individual stocks that are a relative value compared to the S&P 500. We analyze price to earnings, enterprise value to sales ratios and other fundamental metrics that are in line with purchasing undervalued assets. This strategy is actively traded, and the portfolio has significant turnover on an annual basis. In order to save clients on fees, we invest in low cost ETFs and we reduce costs by selecting Interactive Brokers because their pricing structure is $0 for stocks and industry best for equity options.

Dynamic Active Income Model

This fund invests in Bond ETFs and Bonds issues that vary in range from 1 month to 30 years in maturity. We pick ETFs and fixed income products that have are not correlated to the overall movements in the stock market, meaning when the stock market goes down in value, this strategy goes up in value or stays the same. We analyze expense ratio, duration of the bond portfolio and income produced via coupon or dividend payments.

Traditional Asset Allocation

We analyze the clients risk tolerance and design a portfolio of individual stocks, ETFs, fixed income and individual issue bonds. We design the portfolio so that when one asset goes down in value, another goes up. This strategy uses “Modern Portfolio Theory” to reduce the overall risk of the client portfolio. We require clients have $100,000 minimum for this strategy. 

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